Clayborn Temple Announces “Union: The Musical” National Tour

MEMPHIS, Tenn., February 4, 2019 – Clayborn Temple, a space for restoration, artistic production, social innovation, economic justice and community transformation, today announced a national tour of its production, “Union: The Musical,” with the first show kicking off in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at the North Carolina School of the Arts Friday, February 8.

“We’re thrilled to announce our production, ‘Union: The Musical,’ and are even more excited to share that the first show of the tour is already sold out,” said Greg Thompson, director of research and creative strategy at Clayborn Temple. “The full cast and band are comprised of local Memphians, which adds great meaning and heart to the story we’re telling about the sacred space of Clayborn Temple.”

Through its creative performance, “Union: The Musical,” inspires audiences with the story of the Sanitation Workers’ Strike of 1968; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his last campaign for justice, and one of the defining moments in American democracy. With a focus on community engagement, the production invites audiences to engage with the struggle for a more perfect union in their own time and in their own communities.

The production seeks to tell the story of some of the most important events that have taken place at Clayborn Temple, and a portion of the proceeds will contribute to the building’s restoration. The performances, comprised wholly of original songs, will be followed by a time of discussion on the meaning of the play’s themes and the power of its execution. “Union: The Musical” will be performed in places where the production team and cast can provide support for communities that are taking meaningful steps to address the themes of social justice in their own space. The team is looking to collaborate with local leaders, artists, actors and musicians both through the performance and through community engagement events.

“Union: The Musical” will tour select cities across the United States in 2019. The production has been confirmed for three locations in the U.S. so far, beginning with Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Dallas in March. The production team is currently working to confirm a show in Birmingham as well. The overall goal is to perform in 10-20 cities by the end of 2019.

For more information, visit (live Feb. 8).

Beth Wilson